Inspirational Photos

There are times when you might experience new things, such as trying an exotic cuisine or seeing a sunrise for the first time, and there are no words to describe what you are seeing or express what you are feeling. Sometimes, all you need is a picture…a beautiful piece of art or timeless moment captured with the flick of a camera. These photos express la couleur en moi (the color in me). Perhaps they will inspire you also…

Photo #1

Photo #1 – ‘Love Music’ by Mark Ashkenazi

Photo #3

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #3

Photo #4 - 'Hope & Despair' by Brett Nickell

Photo #4 – ‘Hope & Despair’ by Brett Nickell

Photo #5

Photo #5

You inspired? Do tell Nicola… Using the contact form below, apply for the INSPIRATIONAL PHOTO SCHOLARSHIP by either choosing one of my posted photos (above) OR submitting your own photo, and tell me in 30 words or less how the photo inspires you. If you choose to submit your own photo, provide the url link for the image in the description area, that exhibits ONLY the photo you are describing. Please submit your application by December 31, 2014, for the chance to win $100 (may offer multiple scholarships depending on number of applicants). Please also include your school name and provide your academic level. If chosen, you will be asked to provide some sort of proof of enrollment (i.e. letter of acceptance, copy of unofficial transcript, etcetera), and a personal photo to be exhibited on blog. ANYONE CURRENTLY ENROLLED OR INTENDS TO BE ENROLLED AS OF FALL 2015, IN ANY COUNTRY CAN APPLY!! Scholarship winner will be announced on February 28, 2015 and award will be issued directly to student:  

Only applications submitted through the above entry form will be accepted. If you have any questions about scholarship, please ask in comment section below. Thank you and Good Luck!!

ATENCIÓN: Por favor, utilice este enlace,, para traducir mis posts. Una vez que usted visite el sitio traducción, se encuentra la “lengua” (con la imagen del mundo junto a él), en la parte superior derecha, para elegir el idioma que prefiera. Gracias.

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