I am a minority female embarking on a journey to self-discovery, and fulfilling my long time calling of empowering our youth and communities.

My blog will discuss my changes of pace and place. It will expose you to the mysteriously colorful people, places and experiences that life may bring on the road to self realization and exploration. It will also introduce you to the journeys of others that I come into contact with that are willing to share their life-changing decisions and experiences. You will get to see me from a blurred, yet transparent, point of view as I travel the world in search of finding myself, determining where the higher (God’s) calling is leading me, experiencing true love and friendship, and touching the lives of others as I participate in global efforts against child abuse and human trafficking.

I will share my experiences ranging from the process of learning new languages, to determining my next place of travel, to obtaining a travel visa, to finding the best places to eat and congregate socially, to personal interviews with individuals suffering in at-risk conditions. As I share with you, I hope to open the world to my heart, express the colors that reside within me, while encouraging you to share your reservations, passions, and aspirations with me as well.

This blog is to inspire diplomatic understanding and unified change throughout the nations. I believe this goal is carried out by our governmental officials, but begins with us…you and me…the people…the community. I have already been in contact with both domestic politicians and international human rights activists, and I am looking forward to gaining the perspectives of individuals from different countries and cultures.

Is it your time for a change? Do tell Nicola…

ATENCIÓN: Por favor, utilice este sitio, http://www.freetranslation.com, para traducir mis posts. Una vez que usted visite el sitio traducción, se encuentra la “lengua” (con la imagen del mundo junto a él), en la parte superior derecha, para elegir el idioma que prefiera. Gracias.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for your follow, thought I’d drop by and take a peek at your blog. Sounds like you are really “taking the bit between your teeth” to not be satisfied with less than truly living in all aspects of the word. Good for you! I had my own big step into the unknown long ago and looking back I am so thankful I did. Now with modern technology you can share it all with others, maybe even open the doors for some. I wish you well in your quest, – adventure, love and heart ache (they always travel together and the less welcome heart ache is often the driving force that moves us onward.) Maybe I’ll follow and see where your journey takes you Good luck!.

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    • OMG Claire! Thank you for these kind words. I hope you will follow and share in my journey with me. I believe you’re in the UK, right? Perhaps we will have the opportunity to cross paths one day. Again. Thank you. Take care and God Bless!!


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